Best Geiger Meters for EMF Protection Reviewed

Best Geiger Meters for EMF Protection Reviewed

Geiger meter is used to detect ionizing radiations such as EMF radiations and magnetic fields. With the many options available in the market, it is difficult to find the right one and there are many factors that you need to put into consideration. We spent 3 weeks researching on Geiger meters and EMF detection devices and here are the top 5 that we recommend and have reviewed.

Top 5 Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detectors:

#1 – Meterk Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector

Meterk EMF Meter is a new generation electromagnetic field radiation detector that you can use to identify and test magnetic fields. It is designed for home use – you can use it to measure the amount of radiation that is emitted by your rice cooker, computer, induction cooker, electrical wires, and other home appliances.

It comes with a sound-light alarm that will notify you if the test reveals the level of emf radiation is beyond the set safe value. The values are displayed in a large and clear LCD display and captured is stored in the device. It is powered by 3 AA batteries and no previous experience is required as it comes with a comprehensive user’s manual.

#2 – EMF-390 Multi-Field Meter

EMF-390 Multi-Field Meter is another superior EMF radiation detection device that you can count on to know the amount of harmful radiation emitted by your home appliances. Unlike the previous product we reviewed above, this one has multiple high sensitivity sensors that can detect radiation from even power lines and cell towers.

In addition, it has the ability to detect 5G network signal as well as FR of up to 10 GHz. To monitor RF in real-time, this device has an in-built RF spectrum that works hand in hand with the GQ RF browser. It also has an open communication protocol that allows you to send commands remotely and get the data as it is compatible with many systems.

The in-built flash memory facilitates data logging and the beauty of this device is that it can log data in real time – every second with a timestamp for future reference. To download this data, just connect it to your computer.

The perfect for 5g cell tower smart meter. Check it out on Amazon here


#3 – Handheld Mini Digital EMF Meter

This is a handheld digital EMF meter that you can use to not only identify and test electromagnetic field radiation but also measure the temperature around the detection area. You can use to get accurate measurement of the amount of radiation emitted by home appliances and electrical wires.

Immediately the radiation value exceeds the safe range (0 – 4mG), the sound light alarm will go off and a flash red and alert light will kick in. Unlike other Geiger meters and EMF detection devices, this one can be used to determine the intensity of electromagnetic radiations both indoors and outdoors. Numerous experiments have proved that the results it presents are over 97% accurate. Its available in five languages namely English, German, Italy, Spanish, and French.

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TACKLIFE EMF Meter is designed for testing magnetic fields and electric field radiations that other Geiger meters are unable to detect. The larger backlight display is one of the attributes that give it an upper hand. In this display, you will clearly see the reading even in poorly light places.

You can use it to test the amount of radiation emitted by an electric fan, cell phone, router, television, computer and microwave. You can use it to test magnetic field radiation and display data in mg/µt, ambient temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, and electric field with v/m unit.

Another aspect that make it special is the larger frequency range (5 Hz and 3500 MHz). Just like other Geiger meters and EMF detection devices, this meter has a sound light indicator and alarm that notifies you when the readings exceed the safe value. View product on Amazon here


#5 – Technology Alternatives Corp Cell Sensor EMF Meter

This is a compact EMF meter that is specifically tailored for detecting extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields in and around your home. It also has superior sensors that can detect cell phone radiation with high precision.

Unlike other Geiger meters and EMF detection devices, this one not only displays the data visually on the meter but also uses audio for the same purpose. So, if you cannot read the meter, it will read the value for you aloud. It also comes with a remote probe that makes the detection and measurement process easy. View product on Amazon here.


From our research, these are the top recommended Geiger meters and EMF detection devices in the market today. In case of any query, be sure to lookup the user’s manual. Together, we can live freely and stay safe from emf radiations.


Signs and Symptoms of EMF and 5g Exposure

Signs and Symptoms of EMF and 5g Exposure

Signs and Symptoms of Exposure

There is an ongoing debate on whether electromagnetic frequency can cause harm to humans. However, the World Health Organization’s international agency for research on cancer IARC, EMF can potentially lead to cancer in humans.

Some scientists believe that EMFs affect the nervous system function leading to cell damage. Besides, exposure to very high levels of electromagnetic radiation exposure could lead to cancer and unusual growth.

Other signs and symptoms that come from exposure include:

  • Headaches
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Sleep disturbances including insomnia
  • Changes in memory
  • Irritability
  • Lack of concentration

These are some of the signs and symptoms. For this reason, you should always check for the above symptoms in your family members and friends.

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At Home Checks for Prevention

There is much that you can do to protect yourself from EMR. On top of this, you ought to take preventive measures. You can protect yourself by:

  • Increasing the distance between yourself and the source of EMF
  • Limit the time spent around the source of EMF
  • Avoid carrying your phone in your bra or pocket
  • Do not put your phone near your pillow when sleeping

With that said, you should always be on the lookout for the various sources of electromagnetic radiation in your surroundings. On top of this, always unplug from digital devices occasionally.

EMF Detector

Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of devices that can detect the presence of harmful EMF waves. A simple search on Amazon will show affordable EMF detectors. Some of the best electromagnetic field detection devices include:

Cell Sensor EMF Detection Meter

This is a great tool for those people who are concerned about the hazardous effects of electromagnetic frequency from cell phones. This EMF detector will detect even the smallest waves emitted by handheld devices. It comes with a variety of features including, a remote control, it is great for science projects. However, for EMF detection, its accuracy can be questionable.

The Cell Sensor EMF detection meter has approval from CE, and the best thing is that it delivers visual and audible alerts when EMF is detected. The EMF detection goes for approximately $29.99 on Amazon.

Cornet ED78S

This EMF detector measures EMF and radiofrequency radiation. This includes waves from a variety of devices we use daily such as magnetic field, and radiation from cell phones, external power lines and electrical wiring in the home.

Cornet ED78S can pick up readings as low as 0.1 mg. It has a color-coded danger indicator and a histogram function. Think of it as an electric, magnetic, microwave, and paranormal detection package in one package.
The Cornet ED78S can be purchased through Amazon and delivered straight to your door.

Trifield TF2

The Trifield TF2 is an electromagnetic field detection device that goes beyond the normal chasing of paranormal activity and serves as one of the best EMF detectors today. It is easy and straightforward to use especially with the incorporation of an omnidirectional pickup range. This makes it easy to gather results quickly since there is no need for scanning back and forth.

It is one of the best for a variety of reasons, but most importantly is that it has an analog needle that responds almost instantaneously. It detects radiofrequency/microwaves, AC magnetic, and AC electric waves. On top of this, it has a knob that you turn to choose the type of waves and radiation you want to measure.



With the increased dependence on smart devices, we are slowly exposing ourselves to electromagnetic frequency and EMR. The best thing is to do is to watch out for the signs and symptoms above and protect yourself from prolonged exposure.