EMF Radiation Neutralizing Plug by Aulterra

Radiation Neutralizing Plug – A Must Have in the Family Home!

  • Neutralizes the effect of man-made EMF exposure on humans
  • No complicated installation procedure
  • The natural coherent energy emanating neutralizes the incoherent energy from man-made EMFs, rendering it harmless to human DNA
  • Will not affect cellular phone reception or transmission
  • Works on other EMF Radiating Devices Too (computers, microwaves, TVs, baby monitors)


EMF Radiation Neutralizing Plug by Aulterra – A Must Have in the Family Home!

This radiation neutralizing plug by Aulterra is a must-have for the family home. The plug fits into any electrical outlet to retune the wiring.


  • Prevents outside EMFs from getting into the house.
  • One Aulterra whole house plug works for most homes and offices buildings (up to 5,000 sq.ft).
  • Aulterra is a homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic elements which neutralize the effect of man-made EMF exposure on human DNA.

Man-made EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) have a chaotic energy and different frequency than natural EMFs and can disrupt or distort organic energy patterns. It is precisely this ability to distort human energy patterns that causes artificial EMFs to be hazardous.
This Whole House Plug is the only product on the market with in vitro studies that prove human DNA can be protected from the damaging effects of RF/EMF. It provides protection from molecular, electrical, and thermal radiation omitted from electronic devices.

Cellular phones are not the only harmful EMF radiating devices in our homes or offices. If you have any of these electronic devices, you need the protection of the Aulterra Neutralizer Whole House Plug. Plug into a standard outlet nearest to the Electrical Panel, transformer, high wattage areas, or cell tower.