Electromagnetic field protection for the workplace | Silent Pocket Faraday Cage Briefcase

Have you been looking for Electromagnetic field protection for the workplace?

The Faraday Briefcase from Silent Pocket is great for everyday use and help provide EMF protection for phones, laptops and anything else you need for business – effectively blocking signals from / GPS / EMP / RFID / Cell phones.

The Silent Pocket Faraday Briefcase is a multi functioning Faraday cage + Stylish Briefcase with many features that you need, and nothing you do not.

Designed for Multiple Cell Phones, Gear, Laptops / Tablets and Electronic Devices to instantly block all wireless signals to and from your devices by shielding them from wireless threats such as hacking, tracking, data extraction, EMP + waterproof exterior Nylon.

Once inside the inside Faraday Bag section you are protected against malicious apps, cell phone spying, microphone access, eavesdropping, GPS tracking, camera access, location data, compromising personal and business information.

There are many use cases from military forensic evidence collection, law enforcement, personal security, EMP and solar flare protection + EMF radiation protection from harmful radiation to the head and body.

Hand constructed and RF welded with durable 400D TPU coated Waterproof Nylon, YKK waterproof zippers and multiple layers of RF Shielding Fabrics.

The bag will block all wireless signals including WiFi (2.4 & 5GHz), Bluetooth, cell signals (4G LTE+), GPS, RFID, and radio signals with 80-100dB average attenuation from low MHz to 5GHz spectrum.

There are many use cases, but primarily used to shield cell phones, passports, GPS units, transponders, two-way radios, keyfobs, and small electronics.

Electromagnetic field protection for the workplace



  • Durable Nylon is versatile, lightweight, naturally water resistant
  • Measures 12″ x 16″ x 5″.
  • Comes with a detachable shoulder strap.
  • Blocks the connection of any phone, in any country, on any network and GPS tracking and GEO location
  • Protects against identity theft
  • Protects against cell phone spying of microphone and camera while shielding against EMR radiation and static shock
  • Blocks RFID chips in passports and credit cards along with smart keys and electronic car keys or key fobs


  • Features include 2 internal sides, one which blocks all incoming and outgoing signal transmissions to your cell phone.
  • Additionally, smart keys, credit cards, passports, other RF enabled electronic devices, and anything that is RFID chipped, will be protected inside the RF shielding lining.
  • **The second side, blocks RFID / NFC only.


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