5g Shielding

The Link between 5G, AI, and Global Surveillance

5G is the technology that will usher in the next generation of existing technologies such as AI, which will take global surveillance to new heights. AI will be able to analyse data much faster, learn at a much faster pace, and develop according to user needs.

With AI strengthened, corporations and governments all over the world will be able to increase their global surveillance. This means that there are higher chances of cyber-surveillance and the data collected could be used maliciously not only by the corporations but also by cybercriminals in their attacks against internet users.

The 5G rollout will also give rise to innovation levels that will see an increase in the number of global surveillance technologies.

This will mean that there will be a threat to your privacy at home and in the workplace, and this makes for one of the worst dangers of 5G and EMF radiation.

5g shielding is important.

5g Radiation & Electromagnetic Field Shielding

5g shielding reduces the electromagnetic field by introducing barriers of magnetic or conductive materials. Shielding is applied to isolate electrical devices from their surroundings and insulate wires. Shielding from 5g also protects from harmful radio waves and electrostatic fields. The following are some shielding products you can use in your house:

  • Shielding Paint prevents electromagnetic contamination from outside and absorbs those produced from inside your home. It is 99.98% effective, contains no metal particles, non-oxidizing, and environmentally friendly.
  • EMF Shielding Fabricis used to make window and door curtains to prevent electromagnetic contamination from outside. It is machine washable and easy to iron.
  • EMF blankets are used to protect babies from radiation while sleeping. You can also use it to cover yourself when watching television or working in the kitchen.

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