How can we reduce electromagnetic fields at home?

If you are concerned with EMF, there are environmental modifications you can make to reduce it when working from home. 

Nowadays, most people prefer working from home as opposed to spending hours in traffic driving to the office. As a result, it is become important to understand how to reduce emf when working from home.

Unknown to most people is that EMF radiation from our computer screens, laptops, power points, and even mobile phones have a significant negative impact on health. Some of the common symptoms of emf radiation are:

  • Brain fog
  • Headaches
  • Reduced focus/concentration
  • Eye strain.

One of the simplest way to reduce EMF in the family home strategy is reducing the blue light from our laptop screens. That simple step will create a safe and conducive working environment for you and protect your family from electromagnetic frequencies.

Let us shift gears and look at 4 ways on how to reduce emf when working from home.

Laptop Radiation ProtectionEMF Protective Computer Solutions

Thanks to advancement in technology, there are many EMF reducing computer solutions for the home office that you can purchase. We recommended the laptop radiation protection pad from Defender Shield.

Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Advanced blue light blocking glasses will protect you from EMF radiation when working on your computer and using your smartphone especially at night. They are available in different sizes so you can purchase one for each member of your family. Studies show that they are effective in preventing eye strain, macular degeneration, brain fog as well as balance circadian rhythm for better sleep after a long day.

Consider Using Ethernet Cable Instead of Wi-Fi

As you work from home, you should strive to reduce wireless radiations as much as possible. Instead of Wi-Fi, consider using ethernet cables to connect all your devices to the internet. Well, very few people use ethernet cables nowadays, but it will keep your family safe.

You can also invest in a wall plug such as the Tesla Gold Series to protect your family from “dirty electricity”. There are also adapters that are specifically designed for mobile devices. You can purchase them from Amazon.

4 Tested and Approved EMF Reduction in the Family Home Ways

Purchase Blue Light Reducing Light Bulbs

The best light globes will reduce not only EMF radiations but also the blue light. It is recommended to not install the low-voltage Fluorescent Tubes, Energy Efficient Compact Florescent Lighting, Halogen.

Across the globe, there are so many campaigns about energy-efficient lighting solutions. While these campaigns are great, they overlook the ability to create “dirty electricity and EMF radiations from the transformers.

Go for cleaner LCD lighting technologies and blue light reducing light bulbs for night use to reduce blue lights and improve the circadian rhythm in your family home.

Unplug Devices from Sockets

Most people avoid the hassle of having to plug electronics in and out of the power sockets every time they need to use them by keeping them powered up all the time. This habit results in massive EMF radiation that predispose the family to the health problems we discussed earlier on this article.

Power down by turning off the socket when you are not using the devices. It is also recommendable to unplug all electronics that you are not using from the sockets.

  • At night, turn off Wi-fi and all other power point as well as set all mobile devices to airplane mode before you retire to bed. If your mobile phone doubles up as your alarm clock, place it at least 2 meters away from the bed.
  • Limit your children’s screen time to 2 hours per day. Instead of spending all the time online and using Wi-Fi, encourage them to play offline games. If they are watching a movie on the device, it’s wise to download and save it in the device to avoid exposing them to EMF radiation as they watch.

Restricting Time

Parents and guardians – it’s important that you restrict the amount of time that you and the children use Wi-Fi for entertainment purposes. If possible, avoid Netflix and other entertainment platforms that rely on internet for at least 1 hour before you go to bed. This move will balance your circadian rhythm for a better sleep at night. You will wake up the following morning feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to work.

Do Away with the Microwave

Well, the microwave is one of your precious kitchen appliances. It may not be easy to get rid of it as you rely on it to quickly warm food – but the decision is worth it. You can always use your oven grill or stove to warm your food. In addition, you will find yourself eating healthier fresh and vegetable foods as opposed to frozen and processed foods.

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Radiation from electromagnetic frequencies is a global issue. With the ballooning Digital Age and rollout of 5g around the corner – we strongly believe that it’s now time to rise up and undress the dangers these technologies pose to our health. Every family has the right to know what is really going on, how technology affects and the human health, and what can be done about it.

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