Protect your head from 5g radiation

Looking for quality and affordable hoodies for EMF protection?

Hoodies come in different styles and designs. Apart from keeping you warm and look stylish they protect you from the harsh weather conditions. Advancement in technology has led to development of many electronic gadgets from computers to smartphones and advanced security systems.

Unknown to most people is that they emit harmful electromagnetic waves that can affect your health negatively. Some of the effects of emf exposure include insomnia, lack of appetite, weight loss, irritability and many more. Luckily there are hoodies that can protect you from these radiations.

Here is a list of what we believe to be some of the best hoodies that may help protect your head from 5g radiation:

4 of the Best Hoodies for EMF Protection Reviewed

#1 – Womens Hoodie

This is a superior RF shielding and EMF protection hoodie that is specifically designed for women. It has a 99% shielding capability with up to 43db efficiency so you can protect your body from the radiations and still look stylish.

The high-quality fabric 44% silver fiber whose ability to protect you from radiations is increased by the solver content all around the hoodies. The silver fibers also increase its anti-microbial effect. Other materials used to make it include 35% cotton, 2.6% spandex GSM, and 18.4% nylon.

The material can withstand up to 30 gentle cycle washes before the material starts to drop its shielding capability. So, you should only wash it when necessary to keep it upbeat.

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#2 – Anti-Radiation Hoodie from BlocWave.

Look stylish and elegant by wearing this classic Anti-Radiation hoodie from BlocWave. This hoodie has 44% silver fiber, 35% cotton, 2.6% Spandex, and 18.4% nylon material. Based on multiple tests, we can confirm that its shielding efficiency ranges from 26-43db.

As you go about your daily chores wearing this hoodie, rest assured that your upper body is protect from emf radiations from cellphones, wi-fi routers, and other wireless devices within your vicinity. The material has a comfortable feel and is skin friendly.

Just like the previous hoodie we reviewed this one can withstand 30 times gentle cycle cleaning before it starts losing its emf protection efficiency.

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#3 – BlocWave EMF Protection Hoodie for Women

This BlocWave hoodie for EMF protection is specifically designed for women and girls. It has EMF protection efficiency of 57- 65bd.
The material is 50% silver fiber, 45% Tencel and 5% Modal.

It’s available in grey, black, and sky blue colour that claims to not fade.

Gentle cycle washing is recommended as the silver fibers are very delicate. Make sure that you specify the colour and size you prefer to get best value for money.

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#4 – Halsa Shielding Hood

Unlike other hoodies for EMF protection that we reviewed before, this Halsa hoodie is ideal for all ages including but not limited to the elderly, teens, and even children. Tests revealed that its shielding efficiency is 99.995% that is equivalent to 45db at 1 GHz.

protect your head from 5g radiationThe shielding hood will protect your head from radio frequency radiations, cellular towers EMF, and other electronic devices that are known to emit these harmful radiations to the environment. The adjustable drawcord is elastic so you can easily tighten or loosen it to fit well around your neck and head.

The perfect blend of 53% cotton, 5% nylon, 42% silver makes it one of the most effective emf protection hoodie in the market. A gentle cycle wash will keep it clean, fresh, and shielding efficiency will only start to drop after 30 washes.

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Closing Remarks

Live free and comfortably by buying any of these top-rated hoodies for EMF protection today. They are competitively priced and the health benefits make them worth buying. Be sure to check the manufacturer instructions on how to take care of it to get maximum utility.