How to Reduce EMF Radiation When Working from Home

How to Reduce EMF Radiation When Working from Home

How can we reduce electromagnetic fields at home?

If you are concerned with EMF, there are environmental modifications you can make to reduce it when working from home. 

Nowadays, most people prefer working from home as opposed to spending hours in traffic driving to the office. As a result, it is become important to understand how to reduce emf when working from home.

Unknown to most people is that EMF radiation from our computer screens, laptops, power points, and even mobile phones have a significant negative impact on health. Some of the common symptoms of emf radiation are:

  • Brain fog
  • Headaches
  • Reduced focus/concentration
  • Eye strain.

One of the simplest way to reduce EMF in the family home strategy is reducing the blue light from our laptop screens. That simple step will create a safe and conducive working environment for you and protect your family from electromagnetic frequencies.

Let us shift gears and look at 4 ways on how to reduce emf when working from home.

Laptop Radiation ProtectionEMF Protective Computer Solutions

Thanks to advancement in technology, there are many EMF reducing computer solutions for the home office that you can purchase. We recommended the laptop radiation protection pad from Defender Shield.

Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Advanced blue light blocking glasses will protect you from EMF radiation when working on your computer and using your smartphone especially at night. They are available in different sizes so you can purchase one for each member of your family. Studies show that they are effective in preventing eye strain, macular degeneration, brain fog as well as balance circadian rhythm for better sleep after a long day.

Consider Using Ethernet Cable Instead of Wi-Fi

As you work from home, you should strive to reduce wireless radiations as much as possible. Instead of Wi-Fi, consider using ethernet cables to connect all your devices to the internet. Well, very few people use ethernet cables nowadays, but it will keep your family safe.

You can also invest in a wall plug such as the Tesla Gold Series to protect your family from “dirty electricity”. There are also adapters that are specifically designed for mobile devices. You can purchase them from Amazon.

4 Tested and Approved EMF Reduction in the Family Home Ways

Purchase Blue Light Reducing Light Bulbs

The best light globes will reduce not only EMF radiations but also the blue light. It is recommended to not install the low-voltage Fluorescent Tubes, Energy Efficient Compact Florescent Lighting, Halogen.

Across the globe, there are so many campaigns about energy-efficient lighting solutions. While these campaigns are great, they overlook the ability to create “dirty electricity and EMF radiations from the transformers.

Go for cleaner LCD lighting technologies and blue light reducing light bulbs for night use to reduce blue lights and improve the circadian rhythm in your family home.

Unplug Devices from Sockets

Most people avoid the hassle of having to plug electronics in and out of the power sockets every time they need to use them by keeping them powered up all the time. This habit results in massive EMF radiation that predispose the family to the health problems we discussed earlier on this article.

Power down by turning off the socket when you are not using the devices. It is also recommendable to unplug all electronics that you are not using from the sockets.

  • At night, turn off Wi-fi and all other power point as well as set all mobile devices to airplane mode before you retire to bed. If your mobile phone doubles up as your alarm clock, place it at least 2 meters away from the bed.
  • Limit your children’s screen time to 2 hours per day. Instead of spending all the time online and using Wi-Fi, encourage them to play offline games. If they are watching a movie on the device, it’s wise to download and save it in the device to avoid exposing them to EMF radiation as they watch.

Restricting Time

Parents and guardians – it’s important that you restrict the amount of time that you and the children use Wi-Fi for entertainment purposes. If possible, avoid Netflix and other entertainment platforms that rely on internet for at least 1 hour before you go to bed. This move will balance your circadian rhythm for a better sleep at night. You will wake up the following morning feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to work.

Do Away with the Microwave

Well, the microwave is one of your precious kitchen appliances. It may not be easy to get rid of it as you rely on it to quickly warm food – but the decision is worth it. You can always use your oven grill or stove to warm your food. In addition, you will find yourself eating healthier fresh and vegetable foods as opposed to frozen and processed foods.

At, our main goal is to offer you the best EMF protection solutions. We are considered the go-to resource for EMR reduction, EMF protection, and 5g shielding products as well as reviews.

Radiation from electromagnetic frequencies is a global issue. With the ballooning Digital Age and rollout of 5g around the corner – we strongly believe that it’s now time to rise up and undress the dangers these technologies pose to our health. Every family has the right to know what is really going on, how technology affects and the human health, and what can be done about it.

We strive to achieve this goal and make the world a better place by providing information that is easy to understand, products, reviews and news about EMF radiations. Together we can make the world a safer place in spite of the new technological advancements.




What Is Atmospheric Attenuation: Frequency and Atmospheric Changes Throughout History

What Is Atmospheric Attenuation: Frequency and Atmospheric Changes Throughout History

We are seeing innovation in the tech world changing so fast, we can hardly keep up. Some innovations are only useful for a time, before better and more efficient technologies phase them out. However, researchers have been keen to see whether the advancements in technology are affecting atmospheric changes, which trickles down to climate change.

In this article, we look at a timeline in history in which we take a closer look at how a change in frequencies has influenced atmospheric changes.

What Is Atmospheric Attenuation?

Atmospheric attenuation is the process with which the flux density of a parallel beam of energy decreases with increasing distance from the source due to the absorption or scattering by the atmosphere. Attenuation decreases the intensity of electromagnetic radiation due to the absorption or scattering of the photons.

However, attenuation does not include the intensity decrease brought about by the inverse-square law geometric spreading. Rain is the main cause of attenuation for frequencies above 10GHz. With that said, the atmosphere is full of free ions, electrons, and molecules and their interaction with radio waves is dependent on the frequency. This means that if frequency increases, the attenuation effect increases.

With the advancement in technology, radio frequencies are bound to increase, especially since it is touted to go wireless. The best way to investigate this phenomenon is to look at technology over time in history.

Frequency and Atmospheric Changes Throughout History

How Tech Has Changed Over the Past Decade

The past decade has been a glorious time for tech enthusiasts as technology has shaped and disrupted all sectors of the economy. We are now acutely dependent on technology and this shift in dynamics has changed how we live and interact with the environment around us.

Here is an overview of how technology has changed since 2010:

Online Streaming Services

In 2010, internet services were only available to a few people around the world compared to today. It would take forever to get proper internet speeds to download a video. Ten years ago, online streaming seemed light-years away. However, it has become the most convenient way of consuming video, and it does not surprise anyone anymore.

Advancements in technology has allowed us to break through technical barriers to not only watch their favourite shows and movies as well as catching up on the latest breaking news. With applications such as Netflix, Stan, HBO, Amazon Video, Film Box Live, Cinemax, Showtime, and more slowly phasing out free tv.

In addition, sites such as YouTube allow us to watch documentaries and even rewind live TV.

Over the next decade, we can expect much better streaming services.

Wireless Internet and Communication

With changes in modern gadgets and applications, we have also changed how we access the internet.

In 2010, there was widespread use of mobile internet and broadband, but Wi-Fi hotspots were a pipe dream for most people. However, ten years later, wireless internet and communication is the norm.

Better yet, Wi-Fi has become almost a basic need and can be found in cafés, hotels, offices, homes, even in cars and aeroplanes. Advancements in technology has transcended the boundary limitations of the cost and speed of internet connectivity. This is one of the reasons why we are spending more time online meaning we are glued to our screens – we are addicted to them.

With that said, wireless communication has also taken root. This includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more. For example, we now connecting pour phones to media players such as Air Pods and Bluetooth videos. The result is that we now have more freedom and total access to the internet.

While wireless technologies make connectivity easier, the effects of electromagnetic frequency radiation are something to be aware of.

For this reason, it is recommended that you look into protecting yourself and your family from EMF radiation. You can find several EMF shielding products as the world prepares for a massive 5G rollout.


A decade ago, we would stand in line to purchase tickets, and copious hours of talking with travel agencies for good deals. A decade later, over 70% of travellers research and procure tickets and book overnight stays at hotels or Air BnB’s online.

On top of this, travellers and businesses can track the location of several means of transport.

For example, logistics companies use freight and tracking systems to pinpoint the exact location of a truck, aeroplane, trains, and other forms of transport.

With the advancement in technology, travel has become much easier and remote locations are opening to their territories for tourism.

Mobile and Wearable Devices

There was a time when people had to use landline telephones to make calls, and mobile cell phones were still the stuff of science fiction. By 2010, there were over 296 million cell phones sold. However, there was limited innovation at the time and cell phones looked way different than they do today.

A decade later, we have smartphones that have become the most preferred device for accessing the internet. They have combined various features that required one device to do. For example, you can catch up on news, find out what your friend from across the world is up to, be an alarm, an MP3 player, transfer documents and files, and so much more.

Today, we are shifting from 4G internet connectivity to 5G. This new network will increase internet speeds and wireless connectivity between devices. As good as this will be, there is the danger of radiation as a result of atmospheric attenuation.

Scientific Research and Studies

For every innovative technology for individual mass consumption, there are hundreds of automated equipment used for scientific and research purposes. For example, spoil scientists had to wait days even weeks to get lab results of their samples. Today, they have new and easier ways of analyzing samples and they can send them to colleagues and journal editors in a matter of minutes.

Changes in Frequency and Virus Outbreaks – A Timeline in History

Advanced technology is one way to evolve our way of life. However, there is enough evidence to show that changes in frequency are connected to virus outbreaks. Here is how changes in frequency and advancement in technology connects to major virus outbreaks over time.

  • In 1918, the introduction of radio waves around the world coincided with the Spanish flu
  • In 1968, the earth got its first protective layer in the van Allen belt and six months later, the Hong Kong Flu broke out
  • In 2009, the swine flu outbreak coincided with the launch of multiple technologies such as increased wireless connectivity, cloud storage, and the current 4G network
  • In 2014, the Ebola virus outbreak is connected to the time when smartphones started becoming common phenomena
  • In 2019, as the world geared to roll out the 5G network, the COVID-19 outbreak was announced, and world scientists and governments are working overtime to look for a cure and vaccine


There is evidence showing that changes in frequency are potentially linked to virus outbreaks that devastate economies and may affect millions of people on earth.

This is worsened by atmospheric attenuation. However, you can protect yourself from EMF radiation as we continue to see advancements in technology. Contact us for more information.

Lower EMF in the Family Home With These Anti Radiation Plants

Lower EMF in the Family Home With These Anti Radiation Plants

Are you concerned about the effects of EMF and the impending 5G rollout? Maybe you’re looking for a way to lower EMF in the family home?
As the adage goes, protection is better than cure, you need to take measures to protect yourself. The easiest yet most difficult measure to take is detoxifying from EMF exposure. This because the devices that are exposing us to EMF radiation are appliances we have in the home and office.

With that said, did you know that there are anti-radiation plants you could plant in and around your home? There are certain plants that help to purify the air as well as absorb excess atmospheric radiation. This is a little-known fact to people who spend a fortune trying to protect their homes from EMF exposure.

In this article, we look at the best plants for EMF protection and air purification. They are an easy way to minimize exposure to EMF radiation.
Plants in the home not only help to lower electromagnetic frequencies in the family home, but they add a homely touch, raise energy levels, lower stress, and reduce the effects of atmospheric radiation.

Anti-Radiation Plants

We have looked at different research done by various EMF researchers and identified the best plants for EMF protection. However, you need to take other measures to reduce the amount of EMF in the home.

Here are the best plants to detox from EMF:


Cactus is one of the best plants for EMF protection thanks to its high absorption levels. NASA has conducted several in-depth studies, all with the same conclusion, cactus is a master absorber of radiation. This makes it the best plant for detoxifying from EMF exposure. With that said, cactus is an excellent addition to your office or home decor and do not require much water.

There are over 2000 species of cacti, ad this means that you can mix and match deferent colours, sizes, shapes, and designs. In addition, they are slow growers and require little maintenance when growing.

The Stone Lotus Flower

The stone lotus flower is a succulent similar to cactus but different biologically. It is a small plant that has an amazing ability to absorb radiation. Like other succulent plants, the stone lotus flower is easy to care for and it makes for a great addition to your desk beside your computer or TV.

You will only need to water it once every two or three days. Given their size, they can be placed on any surface without being intrusive.

The Snake Plant

The snake plant is also called Mother-in-Law’s tongue, is another of the best plants to reduce EMF radiation. When grown outdoors, they can get very big, which means that the leaves will absorb the radiation coming from outside the home. However, with controlled growth, you can place the snake plant beside your computer and other devices to keep your hose healthy and safe.Radiation reducing plants

It has a long and thin appearance and it makes for a great addition to any room. Like the cacti, snake plants do not require much watering and maintenance during growth. However, be careful to avoid flooding the soil which could lead to the decay of the plant.

If you plan to place the snake plant inside, ensure that it gets indirect sunlight. You can place it beside your computer, TV, microwave, and other devices to absorb the radiation.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for its medicinal benefits, and for several years now, it has been used as one of the best plants for air purification and EMF protection. In addition, the Aloe Vera plant absorbs copious amounts of CO2 from the air and converts it to breathable oxygen.

For the best EMF radiation absorption, the Aloe Vera plant ought to be planted in a wide container with a high-quality potting mixture. It also needs sufficient drainage since too much water leads to wilted and rotten leaves.

With that said, you can control how wide or tall the plant grows, but they do well in indirect sunlight. Because of its anti-radiation properties, you should place it in a straight line from the EMF emitting device. However, avoid placing anything between the device and the plant. Several plants will be enough to absorb the EMF emitted by your devices in the house.

Mustard Greens

Mustard greens are not only a great when added to dishes, they are some of the best anti-radiation plants. Most people grow them in outdoor kitchen gardens, but did you know that they can be grown indoors and help in the absorption of EMF radiation?can mustard greens help reduce emf radiation

The air in your home will not only be cleaner, but it will also reduce the amount of radiation in the home. However, you will need to grow the mustard greens outside and then transfer them to an indoor vase or pot. Unlike the succulent anti-radiation plants in this article, mustard greens should be placed in direct sunlight.

Besides this, mustard greens have a high content of vitamin C, A, and beta-carotene. This means that the benefits extend beyond EMF radiation.

The Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is a beautiful indoor plant that offers the best absorption when placed beside electronic devices. It requires little maintenance and its radioactive properties make it a must-have in your home and office. Besides this, it is useful in purifying the air which makes it the best plant to detox from EMF.

The Spider Plant

The spider plant is also known as the airplane plant, and it is widely known for its ability to reduce air pollution, absorb EMF radiation, and improve air quality. It is one of the most popular anti-radiation plants, especially in offices and homes.emf lowering plants

It is a great addition when you are looking to reduce the EMR from TVs, computers, and other devices around the home or office.


These are the best plants for EMF protection. EMF radiation is a bigger threat today and will continue being a huge threat especially with the world moving to wireless and 5G technologies. With the above plants, you will be able to protect yourself and your family or colleagues from the effects of EMF radiation.

However, ensure that you check on the health of the plant to ensure that it is absorbing as much radiation as possible. Contact us today for more information on how you can prevent and protect yourself from EMF radiation.



5G Internet Defined: Research, Facts, and Awareness

5G Internet Defined: Research, Facts, and Awareness

How much do you know about the science about the dangers of 5G internet and RMF radiation? Australia has been one of the countries at the forefront of rolling out 5G internet and advocating for its benefits. However, scientists and researchers are releasing reports on the dangers of 5G technology and EMF radiation associated with the rollout.

In this article, we look at the research conducted on 5G, the facts you should know, to keep you informed.

When is 5G Rolling out in Australia?

5G internet is the next generation in mobile technology that promises to be much faster than 4G. Three of the biggest mobile networks in Australia, Vodafone, Optus, and Telstra have already started activating 5G networks in select areas across the country.

This includes the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Toowoomba, Perth, Melbourne, Launceston, and Hobart. Despite its promise for faster and better connectivity, we have no reason today to believe that the 5G rollout is safe.

Increased EMF Exposure: The Potential Dangers Associated with the 5G Rollout

The 5G rollout will use millimetre for the first time alongside microwaves that have been used for the previous generations. As we see more uptake of the technology, 5G will require cell towers between every 100 and 200 metres. This means that more people will be exposed to millimetre wave EMF radiation.

For the successful 5G rollout, there will also be a need for new technologies such as phased arrays, active antennas with beam-forming ability, and massive multiple inputs and outputs (massive MIMO). Long-term exposure to millimetre waves may pose serious health risks to the eyes causing ocular melanoma, the skin causing melanoma, and the testes causing sterility.

When the rollout is complete, 5G will complement 4G and the combined EMF radiation will increase significantly. Cancer will not be the only risk, but there is an expected rise in reproductive harm and neurological disorders due to oxidative stress.

Sources of Wireless Radiation and “Dirty Electricity” In Your Home

Wireless devices in homes and workplaces are emitting EMF radiation without our knowledge. You also need to be aware about ‘dirty electricity’ in your home. The best protection is to identify the sources of wireless radiation and ‘dirty energy’ from circuit boards and electronic equipment.

Sources of Wireless Radiation

All wireless technology uses radiofrequency energy, which is a type of non-ionising EMF radiation. Wireless radiation is created when devices transmit information through the air via analogue signals or non-continuous pluses or bursts of energy.

Some of the most common sources of wireless radiation in your home include:

  • Cell phones and smartphones
  • Television and radio
  • Wi-Fi and Wi-Max
  • Cordless landline phones
  • Tablets, laptops, and computers
  • Wireless computer accessories such as keyboards, mice, and monitors
  • Wireless scanners and printers
  • Wireless speakers and headphones
  • SMART metres and appliances
  • Remote control devices
  • Digital baby monitors
  • Wireless security systems and fire alarms
  • GPS systems and devices
  • Wireless dog fences and pest control devices

While wireless technology is being touted as the future, it may also be creating a toxic environment in our homes. For this reason, it’s recommended that we take measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones from radiation emitted from wireless devices and 5g.

What is Dirty Electricity? Where ‘Dirty Electricity’ Come From?

Dirty electricity is the term used to describe spikes and surges of electromagnetic energy travelling along building wiring or power lines where only the 50/60 Hz AC electricity should be. It is a type of EMF radiation that is created by electronic devices that must change or manipulate the standard electrical current to operate.

Dirty electricity is also referred to as electrical noise, dirty power, line noise, micro-surge electrical pollution, or power line electromagnetic interference (EMI). These are the sources of dirty electricity in your home:

  • Light dimmer switches
  • TVs, laptops, and desktop computers
  • Multi-speed fans
  • Cordless phone systems
  • Fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
  • Solar power systems
  • Hairdryers
  • Video game systems
  • Home entertainment systems
  • SMART metre and appliances
  • Wi-Fi modems and routers
  • Cell phone and laptop chargers

Dirty electricity comes about because most devices today do not use the standard AC electricity. They must manipulate electrical current to operate. Once created, dirty electricity spreads throughout your home via the wiring and may emit a potentially harmful EMF radiation.

How Groups and Individuals Are Successfully Opposing 5G

Telecommunication giants in Australia continue to face opposition against their 5G rollout as individuals, groups, and communities oppose future tower proposals. Here are some of the groups and individuals that are successfully opposing 5G:

  • The Currumbin Valley and Lathlain residents
  • Residents of the Sutherland Shire region
  • Northern Rivers

These are some of the communities and groups opposed to the 5G rollout in Australia and know the dangers of 5G and EMF rollout. Australians have been fighting against 5G technology and are forming community action groups that bring together like-minded groups.

One of the most memorable demonstrations was in Melbourne where the protesters marched from Flagstaff Gardens to Bourke Street Mall and made a stopover at Telstra’s head office on Exhibition Street.

Simple, Empowering Actions You Can Take, Here and Now to Stop the 5g Roll Out

Despite the masses rallying against the 5G rollout, the chances are that it will one day happen. This makes it necessary that you know how to protect yourself from EMF radiation. Here are simple, empowering actions you can take here and now:

  • Keep a safe distance from sources of radiation
  • Use electromagnetic shielding products such as shielding paint
  • Get a smart metre shield
  • Use Faraday cages
  • Join community action groups against 5G
  • Buy an EMF metre
  • Power down when you are not using wireless devices such as Wi-Fi
  • Use protective gloves when handling your smartphones

There are hundreds of ways that you can take today to protect yourself and loved ones from 5G radiation. However, you will need to upgrade your defences constantly to be on the safe side.

Individual Solutions and Safer, Revolutionary Technologies

Despite the uproar against 5G, there are several ways that you can take as an individual to be safe from EMF radiation. One of the most pertinent issues with 5G technology is the issue of privacy and cyber security.

What 5G is promising is the stuff of science fiction that everyone has been waiting to experience. For this reason, you need to ensure that you take measures to protect yourself from such calamities. You can take the following measures:

  • Use electromagnetic shielding products to protect yourself and loved ones from incoming radiation
  • Remove any device that will emit EMF radiation in your bedroom and klatches
  • Be careful of the data you share via the internet and wireless networks
  • Use strong passwords on all your accounts to ward off hackers

Safer and Revolutionary Technology

Did you know that there are safer technologies that could do what 5G does? Unfortunately, they remain unknown to most people. The best thing is that they are safer. Here are the technologies you need to consider:

Smarter Fibre Cables

While 5G results in using wireless transmission, the use of smarter fibre cables. There are already hundreds of kilometres of fibre optics buried in the ground and in the oceans that allow for faster transmission of information.

Many regions in Australia and the world over are investing in the installation of fibre optic cables in the ground to every school, business, and home, among other institutions. For this reason, you must urge your local representatives to push for the installation of fibre optic cables instead of 5G towers.

With that said, most of the revolutionary and safer technologies are too minute to consider as an alternative to 5G. However, you can read about what the developers have in mind and judge for yourself whether they are a better option.


The ongoing 5G rollout is attracting love and hate in equal measure. However, scientists and researchers are working around the clock to mitigate the potential health dangers that may be associated with the emitted EMF radiation. However, it’s likely that we can expect to see more data, reports & studies on 5G technology and the potential affects it may have on humans and the environment.

Keeping Up-To-Date: The Best EMF Guru’s With Science-Backed Data That Everyone Should Follow

Keeping Up-To-Date: The Best EMF Guru’s With Science-Backed Data That Everyone Should Follow

Many researchers are turning to science-backed EMF research to guide them on giving concrete reports on how the populace can protect themselves from 5G and EMF radiation. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of people who are conducting proper EMF research and this renders most of the information inaccurate.

In this article, we look at the people pushing the envelope and conducting science-backed EMF research. We will also look at the upcoming events, such as the 5G Crisis Summits that you can attend to learn more about this impending threat.

8 Of The Best EMF Experts Today

The people involved in EMF research vary from concerned parents, scientists, electro-hypersensitive (EHS) communities, journalists, and people who are concerned about the potential side effects of 5G and EMF radiation.

With that said, who are these EMF experts changing how we approach 5G, with their EMF research?

1.     Dr. Joseph Mercola

Dr. Joseph Mercola is a natural medicine pioneer involved with in-depth research that he has discussed extensively in his New York Times best-selling books EMF’d and popular website. His latest endeavour is to teach the masses about the dangers posed by EMF.

Dr. Mercola is an alumnus of several institutions including:

  • The University of Illinois in Chicago having graduated in 1976
  • Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University between 1978 and 1982
  • The Chicago Osteopathic Hospital between 1982 and 1985 and also practices his family practice residency and became the chief resident between 1984 and ‘85

He received his Board Certified American College Osteopathic General practitioners in July of 1985. To date, he is a State of Illinois Licensed Physician and Surgeon.

Dr. Mercola is a member of several professional organisations and his on a mission to ensure the following:

  • Provide the most up-to-date information and resources on natural health that will benefit humankind
  • To expose government, corporate, and mass media hype that diverts the attention of the populace from what is best for their health

For this reason, Dr. Mercola is one of the most sought after EMF experts. He is set to be a featured speaker at the EMF Health Summit, and many other upcoming 5G crisis summits.

His popular book EMF’d can be purchased through Amazon here 

2.     Lloyd Burrell from Electric Sense

Lloyd Burrell is the founder of, a website that offers solutions to the increasing number of people whose health is being affected by exposure to wireless and other similar technologies. He is a leading figure in the EMF research and his desire to go into EMF research started from personal experience.

His mission is to blow the cover on today’s number one killer that often goes ignored. He is the host of the EMF Health Summit and you should visit his website for more science-backed EMF research.

However, you need to take not that he is not a scientist nor a medical professional, but a person who has suffered from EMF radiation from technologies that government claim to be safe.

He is a bestselling author in the EMF field and he has an EMF Protection Report that is free for download. He has gone to great lengths to used science-backed EMF research when compiling the report and other materials.

Alternatively, you can also buy Lloyd’s book here 

3.     Nick Pineault –The EMF Guy

Nick Pineault is known by his audiences as the EMF guy. He runs webinars, wrote the book The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology  and now runs a website called – a website is dedicated to educating people on the dangers of wireless technology and how they can protect themselves. His book can be purchased on Amazon. 

Nick’s mission is to spread awareness to health professionals and the public about the dangers posed by EMF and the necessary protective measures. Nick is also involved in helping spark innovation towards the development of safer technologies that will be the alternative to 5G.

He has a report dubbed ‘Learn The Truth About Howe 5G Networks Might Impact Your Health’ which incorporates science-backed EMF research and how 5G adds to the already huge problem. Nick is also has a newsletter that introduces all the information you need to know about EMF research.

He is by no means a scientist or a doctor, but he describes himself as a humanist. His claim to being one of the best EMF experts today is his belief that the environment and human health should come before profits.

He also hosts the Smarter Tech podcast where he brings in guests that will inspire you ion how to use technology safely, promotes health, and mindful. He is also one of the most anticipated speakers in upcoming 5G Crisis Summits such as the EMF Health Summit.

4.     Erin Elizabeth @ Health Nut News

Erin Elizabeth began Health Nut News in 2014. She was the recipient of Truth in Journalism Award at the 2017 Doctors who Rock Awards.

She has come a long way to being one of the EMF experts setting the pace on how to use technology safely. During her undergraduate studies, Erin worked for a green non-profit organisation that went on to inspire her to lead a healthier lifestyle and inspire people about it.

Erin has been featured in a variety of documentaries and shows where she gives her professional and honest opinion on cancer, fasting, and many more. She is Dr. Joseph Mercola’s wife and they are both working to churn out the science-backed EMF research, which makes her one of the best EMF experts alive today. Her newsletter and Instagram and Facebook accounts are worth following, if you’d like to keep up-to-date with the latest updates.

5.     Dr. Martin Pall

Dr. Martin Pall is one of the most renowned EMF experts who have gone to great lengths to offer science-backed EMF research on the impact of EMF on a cellular level. He is currently a senior professor at Washington State University in the Molecular Biosciences department.

He has over 110 publications that look into the mechanisms of chronic inflammatory diseases and h0ow the various stress factors such as EMF initiates such diseases. You can listen to his views and insight s on a variety of issues including EMF on a YouTube playlist.

6.     Olga Sheean from EMF Off 

Most EMF experts tend to focus their research on the health effects of EMF radiation. However, Olga Sheean, take as a different approach in dealing with EMF by exploring topics such as accountability and consciousness. Olga has a colourful resume that has seen her work all over the world in various roles. Her website is full of really great resources, publications and videos about her research surrounding electromagnetic radiation. She is also the Author of the book EMF off!: A call to consciousness in our misguidedly microwaved world

However, she is renowned for her work on human dynamics, environment, relationships, and personal; growth. She is trained in Applied Kinesiology among other disciplines affecting the mind. She is also a trained nutritionist and has expertise in manmade EMFs and their impact on our physical and mental well being.

You should download her EMF report dubbed, ‘No Safe Place: a 25-page report on the scientific facts about wireless radiation.’

7.     Beverly Rubik, PhD

Dr. Beverly Rubik is one of the leading researchers working in frontier science around human biofield among other topics that have been shunned by mainstream scientists and researchers. She has a Ph. D. in Biophysics from the University of California, Berkeley and is the president and founder of the Institute for Frontier Science.

She is a professor at the Energy Medicine University and a faculty member College of Integrative Medicine and health sciences at Saybrook University. Dr. Rubik has also published over 90 papers and two books.

She is an awarding winning EMF expert and who has conducted fundamental research and development on electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic field measurements among other topics. She is one of the few refreshing speakers that are scheduled to speak at upcoming 5G crisis summits.

8.     Timothy Schoechle, PhD

Dr. Timothy Schoechle is first a communications and computer engineering specialist and has been in the game since the mid-1970s. He has been involved in standardization since the early 1980s as an expert and even held leadership roles.

He has a BS from Pepperdine University, an MS, and Ph.D. from the University of Colorado. He has played important roles in the development of technologies such as home networks, microprocessors, VoIP, barcodes, and energy systems.

He recently made sentiments that show that 5G or as 5G/4G, combination is a way for telecommunication and wireless technology companies can increase their bottom line.


The EMF Health Summit is bound to be one of the biggest EMF events in history. It will bring together EMF experts from different backgrounds and academic circles. They will be presenting science-backed EMF research and ways that you can stay safe in the impending 5G era.

Be sure to visit the website’s events page for more details about the upcoming 5G crisis summit and discover more EMF experts doing their bit to mitigate the impending crisis.