Anti Radiation Underwear Reviews 2020

Anti Radiation Underwear Reviews 2020

EMF Protective Underwear Reviews

Everyday we are exposed to electromagnetic waves at home, at work, at the stores, and many other places due to extensive use of electronics such as computers, mobile phones, and Wi-Fi routers that are know to emit these harmful radiations.

Multiple research studies have proved that EMF can cause erectile dysfunction and impotence in adults. You therefore need to consider switching from the conventional underpants to those that are made from materials with EMF protection properties.

Here are the top 4 EMF Protective Underwear Brands that are available on Amazon today.

Fonz EMF & Radiation Reducing Underwear

This EMF and 5G radiation reducing underwear has gained massive attention from all across the globe due to its superior ability to shield one form the radiations. The silky soft material around the pouch is comfortable and has a functional silver infused stretch fabric that not only protects one from the radiations but also absorbs sweat and eliminates odor.

Tests shows that it has the shielding capability of >50db radiations as well as EMF exposure from cell phones, dirty electricity and 5G network. The outer organic bamboo fabric makes it even more durable and breathable than modal and cotton.

LVFEIER Radiation Resistant Shorts Men’s Underwear

These advanced emf reducing men’s underwear has both microwave and RF protection performance capabilities of p to 60db. It can protect you from radiations range 10MHZ to 3GHz and beyond. 75% of the material is nylon spandex while the remaining 25% is silver fiber content that offers the electromagnetic protection. The fabric is elastic, soft, comfortable, friendly to the skin, and close to the body to ensure no waves penetrate the skin layers. Radiation resistant shorts

OURSURE Anti-Radiation Shield Briefs for Women & Girls

These elegant briefs for both women and girls have superior anti-radiation properties but are still comfortable to wear when indoors or outdoors. The 100% pure silver is blended into the fabric to enhance its shielding properties. Its shielding performance is 60db maximum with effectiveness of 3 GHz and more.

The silky feel will definitely make you feel free and safe as you walk. Its breathable so no accumulation of sweat or any odours. You should not dry clean or bleach as that will reduce the fabrics ability to protect you from EMF. Instead, a gentle hand wash is recommended. Its available in different sizes so be sure to specify the size when placing your order.

SYB EMF Shielding Men’s Boxer Briefs

SYB boxer briefs have the ability to shield you from up to 99% of EMF and EMR radiations from electronic devices such as laptops, cellphones, Wi-Fi routers and many more. Unlike other similar products we have come across online, this one offer full EMF protection. That is, the entire boxer is made from high quality fabric with exponential EMF Shielding capabilities.
42% of the material is silver fabric and it does not only shield you from the radiations but also as odor killing and anti-bacterial properties. The rest of the material comprises of 53% cotton and 5% nylon. The waist size ranges from 36 to 38.
Combination of the three materials makes them soft, comfortable to wear in all weather conditions, breathable, hypoallergenic and toxin-free. Hand washing with cold water is recommended to preserve the materials integrity but avoid dry cleaning, bleaching and ironing.

radiation blocking underwear

EMF protection is of paramount importance if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. These undergarments have been tested and found to be effective in protecting users groin area from these harmful radiations. They are also affordable and available in different sizes and colours so rest assured to will find one that suits your preferences.

Best Hoodies for EMF Protection 2020

Best Hoodies for EMF Protection 2020

Protect your head from 5g radiation

Looking for quality and affordable hoodies for EMF protection?

Hoodies come in different styles and designs. Apart from keeping you warm and look stylish they protect you from the harsh weather conditions. Advancement in technology has led to development of many electronic gadgets from computers to smartphones and advanced security systems.

Unknown to most people is that they emit harmful electromagnetic waves that can affect your health negatively. Some of the effects of emf exposure include insomnia, lack of appetite, weight loss, irritability and many more. Luckily there are hoodies that can protect you from these radiations.

Here is a list of what we believe to be some of the best hoodies that may help protect your head from 5g radiation:

4 of the Best Hoodies for EMF Protection Reviewed

#1 – Womens Hoodie

This is a superior RF shielding and EMF protection hoodie that is specifically designed for women. It has a 99% shielding capability with up to 43db efficiency so you can protect your body from the radiations and still look stylish.

The high-quality fabric 44% silver fiber whose ability to protect you from radiations is increased by the solver content all around the hoodies. The silver fibers also increase its anti-microbial effect. Other materials used to make it include 35% cotton, 2.6% spandex GSM, and 18.4% nylon.

The material can withstand up to 30 gentle cycle washes before the material starts to drop its shielding capability. So, you should only wash it when necessary to keep it upbeat.

View more Womens EMF Protective clothing on Amazon here 

#2 – Anti-Radiation Hoodie from BlocWave.

Look stylish and elegant by wearing this classic Anti-Radiation hoodie from BlocWave. This hoodie has 44% silver fiber, 35% cotton, 2.6% Spandex, and 18.4% nylon material. Based on multiple tests, we can confirm that its shielding efficiency ranges from 26-43db.

As you go about your daily chores wearing this hoodie, rest assured that your upper body is protect from emf radiations from cellphones, wi-fi routers, and other wireless devices within your vicinity. The material has a comfortable feel and is skin friendly.

Just like the previous hoodie we reviewed this one can withstand 30 times gentle cycle cleaning before it starts losing its emf protection efficiency.

Purchase the Blocwave Anti-Radiation Hoodie for Men on Amazon 


#3 – BlocWave EMF Protection Hoodie for Women

This BlocWave hoodie for EMF protection is specifically designed for women and girls. It has EMF protection efficiency of 57- 65bd.
The material is 50% silver fiber, 45% Tencel and 5% Modal.

It’s available in grey, black, and sky blue colour that claims to not fade.

Gentle cycle washing is recommended as the silver fibers are very delicate. Make sure that you specify the colour and size you prefer to get best value for money.

The Hoodie can be purchased here


#4 – Halsa Shielding Hood

Unlike other hoodies for EMF protection that we reviewed before, this Halsa hoodie is ideal for all ages including but not limited to the elderly, teens, and even children. Tests revealed that its shielding efficiency is 99.995% that is equivalent to 45db at 1 GHz.

protect your head from 5g radiationThe shielding hood will protect your head from radio frequency radiations, cellular towers EMF, and other electronic devices that are known to emit these harmful radiations to the environment. The adjustable drawcord is elastic so you can easily tighten or loosen it to fit well around your neck and head.

The perfect blend of 53% cotton, 5% nylon, 42% silver makes it one of the most effective emf protection hoodie in the market. A gentle cycle wash will keep it clean, fresh, and shielding efficiency will only start to drop after 30 washes.

The Halsa Shielding Hood can be purchased on Amazon


Closing Remarks

Live free and comfortably by buying any of these top-rated hoodies for EMF protection today. They are competitively priced and the health benefits make them worth buying. Be sure to check the manufacturer instructions on how to take care of it to get maximum utility.

Best Geiger Meters for EMF Protection Reviewed

Best Geiger Meters for EMF Protection Reviewed

Geiger meter is used to detect ionizing radiations such as EMF radiations and magnetic fields. With the many options available in the market, it is difficult to find the right one and there are many factors that you need to put into consideration. We spent 3 weeks researching on Geiger meters and EMF detection devices and here are the top 5 that we recommend and have reviewed.

Top 5 Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detectors:

#1 – Meterk Electromagnetic Field Radiation Detector

Meterk EMF Meter is a new generation electromagnetic field radiation detector that you can use to identify and test magnetic fields. It is design for home use – you can use it to measure the amount of radiation that is emitted by your rice cooker, computer, induction cooker, electrical wires, and other home appliances.

It comes with a sound-light alarm that will notify you if the test reveals the level of emf radiation is beyond the set safe value. The values are displayed in a large and clear LCD display and captured is stored in the device. It is powered by 3 AA batteries and no previous experience is required as it comes with a comprehensive user’s manual.


#2 – EMF-390 Multi-Field Meter

EMF-390 Multi-Field Meter is another superior EMF radiation detection device that you can count on to know the amount of harmful radiation emitted by your home appliances. Unlike the previous product we reviewed above, this one has multiple high sensitivity sensors that can detect radiation from even power lines and cell towers.

5g cell tower smart meterIn addition, it has the ability to detect 5G network signal as well as FR of up to 10 GHz. To monitor RF in real-time, this device has an in-built RF spectrum that works hand in hand with the GQ RF browser. It also has an open communication protocol that allows you to send commands remotely and get the data as it is compatible with many systems.

The in-built flash memory facilitates data logging and the beauty of this device is that it can log data in real time – every second with a timestamp for future reference. To download this data, just connect it to your computer.

The perfect for 5g cell tower smart meter. Check it out on Amazon here

5g cell tower smart meter


#3 – Handheld Mini Digital EMF Meter

This is a handheld digital EMF meter that you can use to not only identify and test electromagnetic field radiation but also measure the temperature around the detection area. You can use to get accurate measurement of the amount of radiation emitted by home appliances and electrical wires.radiation detector

Immediately the radiation value exceeds the safe range (0 – 4mG), the sound light alarm will go off and a flash red and alert light will kick in. Unlike other Geiger meters and EMF detection devices, this one can be used to determine the intensity of electromagnetic radiations both indoors and outdoors. Numerous experiments have proved that the results it presents are over 97% accurate. Its available in five languages namely English, German, Italy, Spanish, and French.

Check it out on Amazon here




TACKLIFE EMF Meter is designed for testing magnetic fields and electric field radiations that other Geiger meters are unable to detect. The larger backlight display is one of the attributes that give it an upper hand. In this display, you will clearly see the reading even in poorly light places.emf meter

You can use it to test the amount of radiation emitted by an electric fan, cell phone, router, television, computer and microwave. You can use it to test magnetic field radiation and display data in mg/µt, ambient temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, and electric field with v/m unit.

Another aspect that make it special is the larger frequency range (5 Hz and 3500 MHz). Just like other Geiger meters and EMF detection devices, this meter has a sound light indicator and alarm that notifies you when the readings exceed the safe value.

View product on Amazon here


#5 – Technology Alternatives Corp Cell Sensor EMF Meter

cell sensor emf detectorThis is a compact EMF meter that is specifically tailored for detecting extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields in and around your home. It also has superior sensors that can detect cell phone radiation with high precision.

Unlike other Geiger meters and EMF detection devices, this one not only displays the data visually on the meter but also uses audio for the same purpose. So, if you cannot read the meter, it will read the value for you aloud. It also comes with remote probe that makes the detection and measurement process easy.



From our research, these are the top recommended Geiger meters and EMF detection devices in the market today. In case of any query, be sure to lookup the user’s manual. Together, we can live freely and stay safe from emf radiations.


How to Reduce EMF Radiation When Working from Home

How to Reduce EMF Radiation When Working from Home

How can we reduce electromagnetic fields at home?

If you are concerned with EMF, there are environmental modifications you can make to reduce it when working from home. 

Nowadays, most people prefer working from home as opposed to spending hours in traffic driving to the office. As a result, it is become important to understand how to reduce emf when working from home.

Unknown to most people is that EMF radiation from our computer screens, laptops, power points, and even mobile phones have a significant negative impact on health. Some of the common symptoms of emf radiation are:

  • Brain fog
  • Headaches
  • Reduced focus/concentration
  • Eye strain.

One of the simplest way to reduce EMF in the family home strategy is reducing the blue light from our laptop screens. That simple step will create a safe and conducive working environment for you and protect your family from electromagnetic frequencies.

Let us shift gears and look at 4 ways on how to reduce emf when working from home.

Laptop Radiation ProtectionEMF Protective Computer Solutions

Thanks to advancement in technology, there are many EMF reducing computer solutions for the home office that you can purchase. We recommended the laptop radiation protection pad from Defender Shield.

Wear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Advanced blue light blocking glasses will protect you from EMF radiation when working on your computer and using your smartphone especially at night. They are available in different sizes so you can purchase one for each member of your family. Studies show that they are effective in preventing eye strain, macular degeneration, brain fog as well as balance circadian rhythm for better sleep after a long day.

Consider Using Ethernet Cable Instead of Wi-Fi

As you work from home, you should strive to reduce wireless radiations as much as possible. Instead of Wi-Fi, consider using ethernet cables to connect all your devices to the internet. Well, very few people use ethernet cables nowadays, but it will keep your family safe.

You can also invest in a wall plug such as the Tesla Gold Series to protect your family from “dirty electricity”. There are also adapters that are specifically designed for mobile devices. You can purchase them from Amazon.

4 Tested and Approved EMF Reduction in the Family Home Ways

Purchase Blue Light Reducing Light Bulbs

The best light globes will reduce not only EMF radiations but also the blue light. It is recommended to not install the low-voltage Fluorescent Tubes, Energy Efficient Compact Florescent Lighting, Halogen.

Across the globe, there are so many campaigns about energy-efficient lighting solutions. While these campaigns are great, they overlook the ability to create “dirty electricity and EMF radiations from the transformers.

Go for cleaner LCD lighting technologies and blue light reducing light bulbs for night use to reduce blue lights and improve the circadian rhythm in your family home.

Unplug Devices from Sockets

Most people avoid the hassle of having to plug electronics in and out of the power sockets every time they need to use them by keeping them powered up all the time. This habit results in massive EMF radiation that predispose the family to the health problems we discussed earlier on this article.

Power down by turning off the socket when you are not using the devices. It is also recommendable to unplug all electronics that you are not using from the sockets.

  • At night, turn off Wi-fi and all other power point as well as set all mobile devices to airplane mode before you retire to bed. If your mobile phone doubles up as your alarm clock, place it at least 2 meters away from the bed.
  • Limit your children’s screen time to 2 hours per day. Instead of spending all the time online and using Wi-Fi, encourage them to play offline games. If they are watching a movie on the device, it’s wise to download and save it in the device to avoid exposing them to EMF radiation as they watch.

Restricting Time

Parents and guardians – it’s important that you restrict the amount of time that you and the children use Wi-Fi for entertainment purposes. If possible, avoid Netflix and other entertainment platforms that rely on internet for at least 1 hour before you go to bed. This move will balance your circadian rhythm for a better sleep at night. You will wake up the following morning feeling fresh, rejuvenated and ready to work.

Do Away with the Microwave

Well, the microwave is one of your precious kitchen appliances. It may not be easy to get rid of it as you rely on it to quickly warm food – but the decision is worth it. You can always use your oven grill or stove to warm your food. In addition, you will find yourself eating healthier fresh and vegetable foods as opposed to frozen and processed foods.

At, our main goal is to offer you the best EMF protection solutions. We are considered the go-to resource for EMR reduction, EMF protection, and 5g shielding products as well as reviews.

Radiation from electromagnetic frequencies is a global issue. With the ballooning Digital Age and rollout of 5g around the corner – we strongly believe that it’s now time to rise up and undress the dangers these technologies pose to our health. Every family has the right to know what is really going on, how technology affects and the human health, and what can be done about it.

We strive to achieve this goal and make the world a better place by providing information that is easy to understand, products, reviews and news about EMF radiations. Together we can make the world a safer place in spite of the new technological advancements.




What Is Atmospheric Attenuation: Frequency and Atmospheric Changes Throughout History

What Is Atmospheric Attenuation: Frequency and Atmospheric Changes Throughout History

We are seeing innovation in the tech world changing so fast, we can hardly keep up. Some innovations are only useful for a time, before better and more efficient technologies phase them out. However, researchers have been keen to see whether the advancements in technology are affecting atmospheric changes, which trickles down to climate change.

In this article, we look at a timeline in history in which we take a closer look at how a change in frequencies has influenced atmospheric changes.

What Is Atmospheric Attenuation?

Atmospheric attenuation is the process with which the flux density of a parallel beam of energy decreases with increasing distance from the source due to the absorption or scattering by the atmosphere. Attenuation decreases the intensity of electromagnetic radiation due to the absorption or scattering of the photons.

However, attenuation does not include the intensity decrease brought about by the inverse-square law geometric spreading. Rain is the main cause of attenuation for frequencies above 10GHz. With that said, the atmosphere is full of free ions, electrons, and molecules and their interaction with radio waves is dependent on the frequency. This means that if frequency increases, the attenuation effect increases.

With the advancement in technology, radio frequencies are bound to increase, especially since it is touted to go wireless. The best way to investigate this phenomenon is to look at technology over time in history.

Frequency and Atmospheric Changes Throughout History

How Tech Has Changed Over the Past Decade

The past decade has been a glorious time for tech enthusiasts as technology has shaped and disrupted all sectors of the economy. We are now acutely dependent on technology and this shift in dynamics has changed how we live and interact with the environment around us.

Here is an overview of how technology has changed since 2010:

Online Streaming Services

In 2010, internet services were only available to a few people around the world compared to today. It would take forever to get proper internet speeds to download a video. Ten years ago, online streaming seemed light-years away. However, it has become the most convenient way of consuming video, and it does not surprise anyone anymore.

Advancements in technology has allowed us to break through technical barriers to not only watch their favourite shows and movies as well as catching up on the latest breaking news. With applications such as Netflix, Stan, HBO, Amazon Video, Film Box Live, Cinemax, Showtime, and more slowly phasing out free tv.

In addition, sites such as YouTube allow us to watch documentaries and even rewind live TV.

Over the next decade, we can expect much better streaming services.

Wireless Internet and Communication

With changes in modern gadgets and applications, we have also changed how we access the internet.

In 2010, there was widespread use of mobile internet and broadband, but Wi-Fi hotspots were a pipe dream for most people. However, ten years later, wireless internet and communication is the norm.

Better yet, Wi-Fi has become almost a basic need and can be found in cafés, hotels, offices, homes, even in cars and aeroplanes. Advancements in technology has transcended the boundary limitations of the cost and speed of internet connectivity. This is one of the reasons why we are spending more time online meaning we are glued to our screens – we are addicted to them.

With that said, wireless communication has also taken root. This includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and more. For example, we now connecting pour phones to media players such as Air Pods and Bluetooth videos. The result is that we now have more freedom and total access to the internet.

While wireless technologies make connectivity easier, the effects of electromagnetic frequency radiation are something to be aware of.

For this reason, it is recommended that you look into protecting yourself and your family from EMF radiation. You can find several EMF shielding products as the world prepares for a massive 5G rollout.


A decade ago, we would stand in line to purchase tickets, and copious hours of talking with travel agencies for good deals. A decade later, over 70% of travellers research and procure tickets and book overnight stays at hotels or Air BnB’s online.

On top of this, travellers and businesses can track the location of several means of transport.

For example, logistics companies use freight and tracking systems to pinpoint the exact location of a truck, aeroplane, trains, and other forms of transport.

With the advancement in technology, travel has become much easier and remote locations are opening to their territories for tourism.

Mobile and Wearable Devices

There was a time when people had to use landline telephones to make calls, and mobile cell phones were still the stuff of science fiction. By 2010, there were over 296 million cell phones sold. However, there was limited innovation at the time and cell phones looked way different than they do today.

A decade later, we have smartphones that have become the most preferred device for accessing the internet. They have combined various features that required one device to do. For example, you can catch up on news, find out what your friend from across the world is up to, be an alarm, an MP3 player, transfer documents and files, and so much more.

Today, we are shifting from 4G internet connectivity to 5G. This new network will increase internet speeds and wireless connectivity between devices. As good as this will be, there is the danger of radiation as a result of atmospheric attenuation.

Scientific Research and Studies

For every innovative technology for individual mass consumption, there are hundreds of automated equipment used for scientific and research purposes. For example, spoil scientists had to wait days even weeks to get lab results of their samples. Today, they have new and easier ways of analyzing samples and they can send them to colleagues and journal editors in a matter of minutes.

Changes in Frequency and Virus Outbreaks – A Timeline in History

Advanced technology is one way to evolve our way of life. However, there is enough evidence to show that changes in frequency are connected to virus outbreaks. Here is how changes in frequency and advancement in technology connects to major virus outbreaks over time.

  • In 1918, the introduction of radio waves around the world coincided with the Spanish flu
  • In 1968, the earth got its first protective layer in the van Allen belt and six months later, the Hong Kong Flu broke out
  • In 2009, the swine flu outbreak coincided with the launch of multiple technologies such as increased wireless connectivity, cloud storage, and the current 4G network
  • In 2014, the Ebola virus outbreak is connected to the time when smartphones started becoming common phenomena
  • In 2019, as the world geared to roll out the 5G network, the COVID-19 outbreak was announced, and world scientists and governments are working overtime to look for a cure and vaccine


There is evidence showing that changes in frequency are potentially linked to virus outbreaks that devastate economies and may affect millions of people on earth.

This is worsened by atmospheric attenuation. However, you can protect yourself from EMF radiation as we continue to see advancements in technology. Contact us for more information.